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Dialogue and Consensus

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> Design of academic agenda.

> Identification of allied institutions.

> Identification of speakers.

> Design of tailored methodologies.

> Logistics and staging.

> Results reports.


Open face-to-face or virtual public forums.

Face-to-face or virtual conversations.

Expert roundtable discussions.

Business rounds.

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Case Studies

Industry Leaders in Hydrocarbon Sector Hold a Forum on Colombian Opportunities

On March 4, a forum was held at the Baker Institute at Rice University in Houston Texas. Oil and Gas industry leaders from Colombia and the United States had a private conversation prior to the forum, in a panel where they discussed Colombia’s political, social and economic challenges and how these can impact the hydrocarbon industry.

Diego Mesa Puyo, Colombia’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, spoke at the panel, named: “Latin American Energy Forum”. He was joined by experts from the Baker Institute, Visión Américas, and the hydrocarbon sector.

The open forum started afterwards at the same venue, discussing how Colombia is continuing to work hard to promote oil investments, and how it has managed to attract new investors and reactivate the hydrocarbon industry in the country. The honorable Roger Noriega, former Ambassador to the Organization or American States opened the discussion. Subsequently, Jason Marczark, Director at Atlantic Council's Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, explained the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the country today. Finally, Richard J. Douglas, former Deputy Assistant in the US Department of Defense, talked about the great advances Colombia has had over the last 25 years and how today the country is open for foreign investment in key sectors such as the hydrocarbon sector.  

The forum was closed by Diego Mesa Puyo, who gave a moving and informative keynote about unconventional energies being explored in the country, and how investments would greatly benefit the hydrocarbon sector.


Visión Américas was proudly one of the organizers of this successful event.

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