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Business Promotion

Other services


> Identification, structuring, and maturation of own and third party business opportunities.

> Titling of own projects.

> Dynamic stakeholder map.

> Design of market entry strategies.

> Business strategies and tactics planning.


We anticipate business opportunities.


We generate needs and create demand.


We identify and analyze key market intelligence information.


We identify and strengthen competitive advantages in the local market.

Case Studies

Business Development Activities in the Texas and Florida infrastructure sector


We developed a stakeholder map to identify public institutions and large private corporations responsible for the development of transportation projects in Texas and Florida.

We guide our foreign client in the search for specific business opportunities in Texas and Florida, segmenting the market and anticipating the necessary requirements to position the company in such market. In addition, we facilitate access to local companies that have experience in the design, construction, and operation of roads, bridges, railways, ports, and airports.

Devise and develop an internationalization plan


Our Spanish client is a leading engineering company in its sector. The company's international market was limited to offers coming from multilateral organizations.

We develop and implement a plan to adapt the company's products and services to the competitive international market for high precision instruments. Specifically, we developed a US market study that allowed the client to identify groups, prospects, allies, and new markets.

We guide the company to define marketing strategies and business procedures to compete in most of the US States.

Public affairs and business development services at a regional level in Iberoamerica


Our client is one of the leading companies in its industry worldwide, and it´s one of the top tree in the telecommunications sector in Latin America.

We work as a team alongside with our client to position their value offer before the most relevant stakeholders at the Executive and Legislative branches, and cooperate with them in the correct design and execution of public policies of great impact on citizens.

Vision Americas develops government relations and activities to promote and defend legitimate interests, and supports public agencies in the creation of connectivity programs that are more efficient and aligned with the latest technologies.

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