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Project Structuring

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Our purpose as a company is to improve the quality of life of the people who benefit from our projects, and generate the most possible value to our partners. We do this activity under the strictest principles of good corporate governance and transparency.

> We identified a specific need in terms of public policy, as well as the public goods necessary to improve the quality of life of citizens.

> We select the best service providers for each step of the project.

> We apply the best and most rigorous parameters of suitability, experience and transparency.

> We present the project to decision makers at the governmental level, both nationally and locally.

> We supervise the development of the project until it´s complete and implemented.


We have a high-level team trained and experienced in project structuring.

We have a strong portfolio of clients in strategic sectors.

We have the capacity to act in almost all countries of Latin America, the United States and Spain.

We anticipate needs and find opportunities.

Case Studies

Structuring of a project for the monitoring of COVID-19 through the analysis of wastewater and the use of artificial intelligence


Hand in hand with our scientific partner, we developed an innovative project that integrates data from clinical diagnosis and analysis of wastewater, to have new methodologies that allow anticipating and managing the pandemic efficiently by defining predictive models for early detection of the COVID-19 non-invasively.


Through it, we provide local authorities of different cities or countries with a technological tool that anticipates the evolution of COVID-19 and allows decision-making in real time, to preserve health and the economy.

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