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Public Affairs

Other services


> Government relations.

> Promotion and defense of interests.

> Crisis management and mediation.

> Strategic communications.

> Regulatory framework monitoring.


We analyze the environment and create stakeholder maps, paying special attention to their objectives, strategies, skills, interests, and commitments.

We build reliable alternative communication channels with governmental authorities, and we assist our clients in their relationships with them.

We identify risks, measure their probability and possible impact, and implement strategies to mitigate such risks.

Case Studies

Devise and develop a government relationship strategy 


We design a strategy to improve and reposition our client's deteriorated relationship with the government of a major Latin American country. The dispute had to do with the delivery of a large and emblematic infrastructure project. For which we develop mediation activities with the authorities at the Executive level.

Mediation and Negotiation with a Central American Government


Our client is an US based multinational cyber-security company, which designs and operates sophisticated information systems focused on governmental databases management and critical security information.

Our client had a difficult dispute with a Central American government that failed to comply with the conditions of a public bid financed by a multilateral organization. Vision Americas mediated between the parties and mobilized important actors from the US State Department for the resolution of such conflict.

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