We connect and bring together experts becoming hosts of constructive dialogues and debates.


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Visión Américas offers:


Visión Américas is a consulting firm that has the capacity and experience to build competitive teams aimed at achieving our clients' objectives. We develop relationships of trust between the main actors in both the private and public sectors. I short; we have the ability to move from theory to action.


Our projects always seek to fulfill purposes with great social impact, which translates into three main objectives: improve the lives of citizens; help governments to act in a transparent and efficient manner; and help the private sector achieve their business goals.


To governments and companies at the regional, national, and local levels.


We anticipate events and create opportunities.


We rely on local experts from each sector.


We research and analyze market information to design strategies.


We mobilize, persuade, align, and engage decision - makers.

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Public affairs

We build relationships based of trust between public authorities and the private sector. Our main objective is to defend the legitimate interests of associations, organizations or companies before public authorities, both at a national and local level. Through our lobbying work, we offer to create an institutional link between governments - or the State - and the private sector.


We help our clients in their development and international growth. To do this, we outline business opportunities, make stakeholder maps and risk matrices, and help identify potential partners and competitors.

Connection and dialogues

We promote and coordinate inter-institutional dialogues incorporating actors from different disciplines and with different interests. We facilitate and promote dialogues where information and experiences are shared.

Project Structuring

We specialize in structuring projects of high social and institutional impact. Our projects are focused on sectors such as energy, infrastructure, communications, security and defense, tourism, among others. We identify a specific need and unite the different links in the chain with the sole purpose of making the project not only viable in terms of operability, but also financially sustainable.

Vision with Perspective

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