Marcela Prieto - Botero
Public Affairs VP


Political Scientist from Los Andes University (Bogotá-Colombia), with a Master's degree in Public Policy for Latin America from Oxford University (United Kingdom). She has served as General Director of Foros Semana at Semana Magazine, the most influential publication on political and economic analysis in Colombia. She has also been Executive Director of the Political Science Institute - Hernán Echavarría Olózaga - (Bogotá-Colombia) a market-oriented policy Think Tank. In addition, she has been an advisor and political campaign manager for several candidates at a national and local level; as well as an international consultant for Oxford Analytica. She has also been an advisor to the Ministry of the Interior and Justice of Colombia and professor at the Political Science and International Relations Faculty at El Rosario University (Bogotá- Colombia). Finally she has been columnist for Semana Magazine and La República, Portafolio, La Silla Vacía and Razón Pública newspapers and digital platforms.

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Marcela Prieto - Botero
Public Affairs VP

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