Government Relations

What It Is and Why You Need To Know More About It

Government relations is vital to help policymakers understand the long-term impact that a proposed legislation, or the lack thereof, has on citizens.

It requires tact, diplomacy, understanding of regulation, and most importantly the ability to build bridges.

Establishing, nurturing and ultimately leveraging long-term relationships with customer stakeholders is where Vision Americas and its team of public affair relations professionals come in.

Relations and Communication

Having a firm understanding of what is essential to a particular industry, special interest group or private citizens, along with the knowledge of what is relevant to policymakers, allows effective communications. It opens information channels and provides the means to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Having a partner that understands the impact of potential regulation and public policy is what makes you attain a real advantage.

Vision Américas builds and implements long term agendas with top authorities according to our clients business interest.


Whether your corporation is working on a dispute or a business deal, you need the connections and experience that can bridge the division between stakeholders.

A lack of understanding on both sides can lead to stalled negotiations or rejection of an offer. Our client’s message can be more effectively delivered when there is already a clear line of communication. When necessary, alternative methods can be used to create a dialogue by leveraging Vision Americas’ extensive legislative and executive relationships.


Political change or instability can completely change the outlook and potential success of a business deal.

At the start of the engagement, the team performs an analysis of the industry, the Political Risk and the client’s perspective to lay the groundwork for the strategy.

With that information, the team can partner with the appropriate political involvement network and lobbies to assist in advocating our client’s interests.

Understanding where and more importantly, how to bolster support is a key offering that has led to Vision Americas’ success in domestic and international government relations.


Vast knowledge of effective techniques combined with strategies explicitly crafted to advance the client’s success is what sets Vision Americas apart.

Understanding the needs of a state, local or national government combined with the inside relationships to express those needs, leads to the creation of new opportunities for client stakeholders. The influence that trust relationships provide can not be overstated.

Being able to connect the needs of governments with the abilities and offerings of clients is what leads to economic expansion and globalization.

Government relations can open up the world and create an opportunity where there was none before. Contact Vision Americas to find out more about their history of success and how they can help you.

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