Dafne Gil Bermúdez

Asociada oficina Colombia

Dafne Gil Bermúdez is an Urban Planner graduated from the Universidad Simón Bolívar –USB- (Cacacas, Venezuela) with a Master's degree in Creative Spanish Literature from the University of Salamanca, Spain; has a Bachelor’s degree in Development and Environment of the Simón Bolívar University; Advanced Management Studies at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies -IESA-. She is a certified coach (ITAM) and a consultant focused in the creation of teams in areas such as Leadership to Innovate, Strategic Planning and Corporate Governance. This with the purpose of serving business leaders in the financial, technological and NGO sector in Spain, the United States and Colombia.

In Venezuela, she founded and directed the consulting firm CREA Innovación y Resultados (2005 to 2017); Was the Corporate Communications Manager at the Institute for Higher Administration Studies (IESA); Marketing Manager at CANTV.net (Venezuelan subsidiary of the multinational Verizon); and Director of Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In Colombia she has been Project Manager and General Manager (e) at Foros Semama. She is currently Vision America´s Business Partner for Colombia.

She has been Professor of Crisis Management in IESA's Executive Development and Corporate Governance Programs in the Master of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Caracas Metropolitan University. She currently participates in the training program for teaching literature at the University of Salamanca.

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