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Jordan Paul

Jordan Paul, VP for Government Relations

Has more than two decades of experience at the highest levels of American politics and international diplomacy. He has served as a senior foreign policy advisor, speechwriter, and legislative director to both Senate and House leadership.

For over 13 years he worked as the Executive Director of the Moroccan American Center for Policy, a Registered Foreign Agent for the Kingdom of Morocco, leading one of the most successful public affairs teams in Washington DC.


He managed 3 NGOs, conducted and oversaw at least 400 US Government meetings a year, secured two MCC compacts valued at over a billion dollars, a Strategic Dialogue, a Free Trade Agreement, hearings, briefings, delegations, head of state visits and letters signed by majority of the House and Senate.


He successfully advocated for legislation, policy changes, policy reversals, and funding priorities that strengthened the US-Morocco bilateral relationship. Jordan has also been a consultant to Congressional and Senate campaigns; and has provided council on foreign policy issues to presidential candidates.

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