It takes a wealth of experience, a breadth of expertise and a vast network of key relationships to access these types of visionaries. It requires a strategic partner and a team of experts who have spent their careers establishing and nurturing productive relationships. Vision Americas is the partner that has all of that and more to offer its clients.

  • This format allows you to build relationships between the speakers, panelists, and the audience.
  • It thrives thanks to our group of expert participants, that share specific interests on the subject on display.
  • These are held in closed to the public spaces, where the subject is discussed with a small audience, 25 to 60 attendees.
  • These are sessions of a maximum of 3 hours.
  • After the initial presentation, there is a conversation between two or three expert panelists, who analyze the subject from different perspectives and points of view, previously agreed to with the organizers.
  • Panelists then answer questions from the moderator and the audience.
  • The audience in these conferences are targeted niches, and an invitation is required to assist.

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