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Our Mission

We lay the foundation for an authentic, sustainable strategy by listening to our clients’ needs and tapping their own capability and resources to reach their goals. We shape a strategy by identifying key decision makers and obstacles, defining the critical path to achieving our objectives, and building the right team to work together toward a common goal.

What We Do

Keeping our clients competitive on a global scale is what we do. Our vast experience in world markets, global commerce and government negotiations allow us to identify opportunities, negotiate challenges and create winning strategies to keep our clients successful in a hypercompetitive world. Timing is critical, and our insight can expedite decisions that could otherwise stall or break a business deal.

Meet Our Team

Visión Américas Has the breadth of experience and contacts that give clients the competitive edge, whether it requires strong bipartisan contacts and insight into the federal bureaucracy or partners “on the ground” in dozens of foreign countries.

Roger F. Noriega
Managing Director

Marcela Prieto
Public Affairs VP

Jose R. Cárdenas
Director of

Alejandro Jordán
International Business
Development Director

Richard J. Douglas
VP Operations and Legal Affairs

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